Here in North Dartmouth Massachusetts it is said that success is measured by the pound. At least to members of the Gaspar family that is certainly the case. Gaspar’s Sausage Co., manufacturer of Portuguese smoked sausages, is located at 384 Faunce Comer Rd., N. Dartmouth in a state of the art, USDA inspected sausage plant.

Manuel A. Gaspar, founder of the company, would certainly reflect with pride at how his sons, grandsons and great grandsons continue to grow his dream and legacy. Today he would smile knowing his tiny company has grown to be recognized as the largest manufacturer of Portuguese smoked sausages in the United States. Gaspar’s Sausage Company proudly supplies major retailers throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and Bermuda. In addition their sausages are also available all over the country via their mail order and web services.

While it is extremely rare for a family business to go beyond third generation management, Gaspar’s Sausage Co., is now managed by third generation cousins Charles and Bob (their fathers were brothers) along with fourth generation members Chuck and Randy, Charles’ sons.) In addition Randy’s two sons, Jeffrey and Billy are participating as well. Family pride is a huge factor in the company’s success. Operation continues to this day with the same values and work ethic that Manuel and Justina Gaspar passed down to their sons (Alfred, Joseph, Charles, Tobias and Fernando) along with an original recipe that their grandmother brought from Portugal. Gaspar’s was established in 1923 by Manuel and Justina Gaspar who had emigrated from Lisbon Portugal.

From its earliest beginnings in the family’s garage in the south end of New Bedford, MA, the company has prospered, finally moving to its present Dartmouth site on Faunce Corner Road in 1981. Through the early years, Manuel and Justina and their five sons built the strong foundation and the tradition of quality and pride that account for the company’s continuing success.

As to the future, Gaspar’s, faced with growing pains, has recently completed a 4000 square foot addition to their plant. All signs point to a centennial celebration for Gaspar’s in 2023.